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Beauty | Gallia County Ohio Newborn Photography

I can honestly say that Coco is possibly the most gorgeous baby I have ever met. She was a dream to shoot, letting me pose and shape her and do as I will.


For those that aren’t aware, the area got hit HARD with a storm Friday night. The entire area was without electric and most are still, along with water, internet, cable. When Coco’s mom texted (yes, texting still works!!!) to see if we were still a go for Saturday morning I said “that’s one of the great things about my job, I don’t need electric!!” And I didn’t. For the past year I’ve  been shooting indoors almost always with studio light but I went back to the olden days Saturday and used natural light. It was so refreshing and I’m considering going back and doing a few newborns a month like this again. I love my studio lighting but there is just something so warm and yummy about natural light that a studio light can’t replace.

As you can see I also strayed a bit from my norm and went for some bright fun colors. Coco here pooped on all of my girl stuff before I got to use it so I broke out a few new ideas, which I ended up loving (quilt!). I typically keep newborns nice and light, creamy colors but I took a leap and did some bold colors that I normally wouldn’t have done. Definitely something to do again in the future!



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