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Pose Variation | Newborn Photography

Just a bit of an informational tip. When I talk with a client I’ll tell them that we usually do 3-4 blankets, a few baskets, and then parent photos. That’s all? They ask. But then they see their images and always comment how many they have, how many they love. I thought I’d share these three photos. All taken within a few minutes, same baby, same pose, just a few different props. There are so many poses that we do on blankets, so once you factor in all of the props added you can see that there is quite a lot of variety.


Kindergarten Graduation | Gallipolis, Ohio child photography

How has this day come yet again? I’m in denial that my Eden Fawn, who I swear was just born, is graduating kindergarten. Is six. Is about to go to her first summer camp. Is is is.

I’m not ready for the growing up. Can I just stick a brick on her head and keep her this age forever?



Four years ago I took a similar photo of Brittyn in her cap and gown and it has well over 1.5K shares on Pinterest, so of course I had to do one of Eden Fawn as well.


And of course I never pass up the opportunity to take a few family shots.