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Carter’s Arrival | Holzer Birth Photography | Gallipolis, Ohio

My best friend had a baby! I’m just still in shock that she is finally a mommy. So much so that it’s taken me three weeks to write this post. I am so in love with this new blessing that God has given her. William Carter is absolutely the perfect son for his mother.   But enough mushy stuff. You came for photos!   I’m going to narrate this a bit before we get to the video. Christi knew she was having Carter on March 9th. She went in the night before and started labor. All night and into the morning. I got to Holzer at a little after noon thinking it HAD to be close to show time. I rushed to get there.  _LFP8606bwNope, I was wrong.   Christi continued to labor until about 7PM.


_LFP8726And the whole time these nurses right here made us all feel amazing. They cheered Christi on, made us all laugh in between pushes, and reminded me why I love Holzer so much._LFP8685At just before 9PM Christi was told she was going to end up needing a c/section. Before she was wheeled away I hugged and kissed her belly one last time to wish her luck._LFP8671bwAt 9:09PM William Carter was born. A few minutes later Grandma brought him out to his adoring crowd._LFP8773_LFP8775bwOne of my favorite parts about Holzer is the willingness of the nurses to welcome me back to the nursery. Christi wasn’t able to be with Carter for the first hour + a half of his life and I was fortunate enough to be allowed back to capture those moments for her.




_LFP8865_LFP8879And finally, around 9:30PM they met for the first time.Untitled-1I’m sure wedding photographers will tell you how emotional a bride and groom’s first look is, but I can say it cannot hold a candle to the raw emotion of the first time a mother lays eyes on her son. And now I will end this post with the slideshow of the entire day. I want to thank Holzer’s labor and delivery nurses, doctors, and staff for allowing me to photograph the miracle that they get to work every single day. And to say once again to my best friend on the planet, congratulations Christi. You are an amazing mother, and we all knew you would be. You have been the best auntie that my girls will known and I am so honored to get to be aunt to your son. I hope I can do as awesome of a job as you have for my girls.



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