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Family | Ohio Red Thread Session | Adoption Photography

I have just been so blessed with the families I’ve met through Red Thread Sessions. For those not familiar, Red Thread is a group of photographers joined together to raise awareness of adoption through photography. We document adoption families shortly after their adoption process is complete, giving the family their first true family photos.
Salem + I first talked around a year ago and I’ve kept up to date on her most recent adoption via blog. We’ve emailed back and forth about it and we finally got her session in a few weeks ago. And let me tell you, these kids are fantastic! They were a true joy to have in front of the camera. I’ve always been a true believer that family is not always who you’re born with, but who you make it to be. This family is exactly that. If you saw the love they have for one another in person, you would never question that these children are siblings. They hug and kiss one minute and fight the next, just like my girls! I giggled at a few moments thinking how easy it would be to substitute my children for them.

Below is their Red Thread family story.

Keith and I knew before we were married that we wanted to build our family through adoption. All four of our children were born in Uganda. Our son Mayer was adopted first, in June 2010 at age 2.5. While we were in Uganda finishing Mayer’s adoption we met a baby boy with special needs named Benjamin. After a time of prayer we applied to adopt him but the orphanage he lived in had never done adoptions and there was a lot of red tape involved with getting approval. It took over a year for us to officially receive his referral. During that year we heard about a baby girl with special needs named Jovia and we started about praying whether we should adopt both of them. It took a long time but we officially got approval to adopt both of them and several months later they came home in October 2011 at 18 and 20 months old. In 2013 I had traveled back to Uganda and met a beautiful 11 year old girl in an orphanage there who I fell in love with. My husband and I prayed whether she was our child and agreed to adopt her shortly after I returned home. After a whirlwind adoption process Lillian came home. Adopting four children in four years wasn’t easy but we are so incredibly blessed by these amazing kids and so thankful we have been given the gift of being their family!


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