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Forever | Jackson, Ohio Engagement Photography

I love this couple!

You may remember them from the Pin It To Win It contest. Courtney won and we did her rowboat romantic session. While there she asked me to shoot their wedding and said “oh yeah, by the way, now we have to top THIS for our engagement session.” Oh man was I worried. To date, her rowboat session is one of my all-time favorites. But we started forming ideas and decided on the apple orchard. Richard’s Bros. Fruit Farm allowed us to roam wherever we wanted in the orchards, so we went in search of the most perfect row.

After we were all done, Joe informed me that “this was the best session ever”. And I’ll be honest, I thought it was just because I am truly awesome (really, I’m not conceited), but then he went on to say that he got to kiss Courtney pretty much the entire time, thus making it the best session.


Without further ado, here are their lovely images. I hope you enjoy. And keep your eye out for more of them late December when they get married!


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