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In Love | Short North Engagement | Gallipolis + Columbus, Ohio Photographer

 Last week I got the pleasure of shooting Sam + Darci’s engagement session in Short North, the arts area of Columbus. I have fallen in love. I truly believe that I could spend every day in Short North and not find all of the awesome places it has to offer.

For those that share my love of shopping, and award bonus points for all things local, I would like to share two of my new favorite shops.

First is Funky + Functional, a kitsy little antique shop. I found so many fantastic things there for the new house and can.not.wait to get back up to see what’s new.

And the other awesome find is Homage. I like me some tee shirts. Just cute, fun, comfy tees. And Homage offers just that. Each shirt is like that favorite shirt of your boyfriend’s that you can’t wait to steal and make your own.

Sam, Darci, + I wandered around for an hour or so, going in alleys, apartment commons, popular graffeti walls, and dark run down buildings. After we stopped at Jeni’s Ice Cream for a treat and a photo op. Love me some Brambleberry Crisp, but I had to try the Mango Cloverton just to say I had (my BFF makes the Cloverton!).

Thank you Sam + Darci for baring with me as it’d been a while since I’d had adults in front of the camera. They were a such a treat to shoot and I wish them a life of happiness and love.



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