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Merry Christmas (In July) | Children’s Studio Photography

So part of the thing about taking maternity leave is that once you come back you’re so busy with sessions and inquiries that the blog gets pushed to the back burner. Especially when it’s your own children.

But I wanted to make sure my fawners (yes. I’m still holding strong to that name y’all) got to see the adorableness that was my Christmas card. Little ol’ D got to participate in the yearly PJ session and it was epic. What you don’t see here is that we had already changed his pjs once for a massive diaper explosion and while we were shooting in these pjs there was ANOTHER!! Poor Brittyn had to hold a smelly Dallas as poop seeped out his diaper, through his pjs, and onto hers. Her face when I took him and she saw that she was covered in baby poop was beyond hilarious.


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