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Stylized Wedding | Green Valley | Wedding Photography Gallipolis, Ohio

So my BFF and fellow photog Ariel had her annual stylized wedding shoot and asked me to come out and help. You know, wrangle the photogs, clean up, eat cake, give her a hard time, play some jams to shoot to. That kind of thing. I don’t do many weddings, I shoot 1-2-3 a year and send most off her way. But it sounded like a fun day getting to socialize with other photogs. And it was! I met some of the local girls that I haven’t had the chance to get to know yet, as well as met some new girls from Columbus. Everyone was sweet and it was nice talking shop.


Anyways, between “helping” I grabbed a few shots of my own. I don’t boast in being the best wedding photog, but it was refreshing to step out of my usual.


A side note, look for these pretty faces as my own clients in a few short months. :) They’re welcoming a bundle of joy and I have been honored to get to do the newborn photos.

*For a list of vendors, please see my Facebook gallery with links:


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