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Golden Places | Gallipolis, OH Family Photography

My two beauties!

I know you’re not tired of them yet! I feel like here lately they are FINALLY cooperating with me!!


We have this tree in our back yard, well ok, don’t tell my neighbors, but it’s technically on their property. But hey, there’s 100 acres between us and them, they won’t mind if I cross the fence and shoot there.  Anyways, it’s right in my line of sight every time I look out the living room window. It’s huge and it’s golden, and the sun comes through the trees so beautifully that it just lights up the whole area with a warm, golden glow.

Yesterday it was just stunning out. A bit windy, but with the tree coverage it was just enough breeze through your hair that it was nice. I went shopping in the girls’ closets and found coordinating outfits, threw them over the fence, and shot shot shot for 10 minutes.

I am so smitten with my girls’ images!


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